Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bahia Concepcion

I spent the day doing some adventuring around Mulege but cut it short after my fourth time dumping it in silt and soft sand. Before I left a bunch of us guys watched "From Dust to Glory," a documentary on the Baja 1000, and they talked a lot about the "pit of despair" silt beds can be. I have experienced small ones and I can't agree more. But while I was out, I came up on this buzzard just standing there on this cactus, and if anyone out there can explain to me what he was doing, I'd appreciate it. It was a "Planet Earth" moment.

So I then took the bike all up and down the Bahia, stopping in and seeing all the different playas along the coast. I scoped out some future camping spots - and there's many.

I then went back to Playa Santispac to hang out with Jim and Sheryl, and they had befriended another BMW rider named Brian. So the four of us hung out and had dinner together and talked about life, love and motorcycles. What else is there?!

Here's a pic of Brian feeding the pelicans - and getting his hand taken off.It's overcast this morning, but I'm hoping it burns off. It's been nothing but beautiful, but windy, and I hope for a good ride to Loreto this afternoon.

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