Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mulege / Playa Santispac

Got up at 0 dark 30 and headed to Playa Santispac on the Bahia Concepcion to catch the sunrise over the bahia (bay).

I sat in the complete dark and watched the stars rotate in the sky, as I rested well in my Thermalounger chair and cozy in my suit. I sat and reflected on the incredible wealth in my life - I can sit here, on this beach, in this way, and be grateful. It was a time filled with goodness.As the sun arose people all around me in their huge RVs started to stir and come out to join me on the beach. Seals on a nearby island barked the sun up. The last stars gave way to orange and blue.The morning wore on and I met a handful of people who have made the traveling life their own. One man next to me has been on the road since 1992, others longer, some shorter. But all have a love of seeing new things and experiencing new places, and I am coming to appreciate, a love of a kind of community of travelers.

I met Jim on the beach and after a long day of sun and reading I went to his RV and spent a good bit of time talking and sharing life. Sheryl came back from town later in the afternoon and entered into the long talk, bringing with her a woman's sensibility we certainly lacked. It was a wonderful intersection of two (three) lives and they've invited me back for dinner tomorrow, which I'll take them up on.

It was a day of fullness. Of sun, rest, reading, writing, talking, cervesas, company. All I had wanted and, as is the grace of Abba, much more.
My camera LCD screen went on the fritz and I lost about half of my pictures. Disaster was averted when I got it back to the room and pressed a bunch of buttons in an order I can't remember, and now it works. So I hope to continue to have good luck with the camera and keep the pictures coming.


Chris said...

Those are beautiful pictures of the sunrise! I've been enjoying following your travels. I can't help but be reminded of that time our Senior year in High School when you watched me "eat it" and crush my nuts on that moto-cross bike in front of my house...then looking over at you with your head buried in the trunk of a car pretending you didn't see it! I look forward to catching up when you return...


Unknown said...

OMG casey! dude. i am DYING here! love that you are doing this! i shall continue to live vicariously....