Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Reflections on my Baja Adventure

Here is a list that came to mind as I was reflecting on the trip. Of course, many things could have made this list but distilling it down to some really memorable moments, I came up with these:

Locale of best wreck: Middle of nowhere, Laguna San Ignatio

Best almost crash: the entire way to Mike's Sky Rancho

Best piece of equipment other than bike: Aerostitch Roadcrafter Suit

Second best piece of equipment: tie: sleeping bag and handkerchief

Most creative tool used: oyster shell

Most used tool in tool roll: torx bits

Total Miles: 2947

Top speed: 125 mph

Longest ride in same gear: Coco's Corner to Peurtecitos (Mex 5) - 65 miles in 1st gear = 4.5 hours

Longest one day ride: San Quintin to Santa Rosalia: 619 km (384 mi)

Best tacos de carne asada: taqueria next to Hotel Urupan in San Quintin

Best tacos de pescado: taqueria "Marilyn" in Mulege

Worst night(s) of sleep: Hotel San Victor, Santa Rosalia

Funniest moment: Brian coming home at 4am yelling about his jello shots and table dancing, Cabo.

Saddest moment: hearing Grandma died - January 17

Coolest travel moment: running into Ian again on the highway out of La Paz and being able to say our final goodbyes

Coolest overall moment: spending time with my cousins, uncle and aunts, and especially grandpa.

Best unexpected windfall: time with Jim and Sherrol Lambert

Best compliment: "You're the only gringo I've ever met who knows how to dance!"

Best communing as travelers moment: dinner with Brian and Sabine in Loreto

Biggest thing missed: nightly talks and prayer with Heather

Biggest thing not missed: TV

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