Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Santa Barbara - San Diego - Mike's Sky Ranch

Headed down to San Diego yesterday and stopped in to have lunch with my sister Jen. Love that woman. Then continued on down to SD where I stayed overnight at the McCormacks. It was nice to have sun (or part sun) on the ride down after four straight days of rain, and the sun is out now and I'm excited to head farther south. For all of you in the Pacific Northwest and Sierra Nevada, I'll send some sun and warmth.

I'm getting an early start this morning and plan to hit the border at Tecate around 10am. From there I'll be riding down Highway 3 through the Guadalupe valley, Baja's wine country. The 3 spills out into Ensenada and then continues east towards San Filepe where, about 2/3 of the way, is the cut-off for Mike's Sky Ranch. http://www.totalescape.com/lodge/ADS/mikes.html. That's my goal for today. I look forward to getting into Mexico and getting on Mexico time. Manana...manana...

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Heather said...

Hi Sweetie! I was so happy and relieved to get your very spendy text that you were in Ensenada yesterday! And all before noon. I thought of you with the sun on your face. Enjoy Mike's Sky Ranch, it sounds like just the place for you. Lights out at 10pm and then just the stars!!!
We are thinking and praying for you.