Saturday, January 12, 2008

Santa Rosalia

January 12

Here at an internet cafe on the main strip of SR. It's classic Baja outside - warm, slight breeze, the smells of taco pescado wafting in the door.

And speaking of food, in contrast to the naysayers that said I'd lose a lot of weight on this trip (yes, that's you Ed), I've been eatting very well. For instance, I had beef brain soup this morning with my carne asada taco. I hit the local mercado and stocked up on water, cookies, cereal, and juice. Plus there's a great little taco stand that's become my local haunt. Good times.

I took it easy today, letting my tail rest after all that riding these last few days. I adventured around the town a bit this morning, hand washed my clothes, and watched them dry. I also worked on my bike a bit too - something I'm really enjoying doing. I've got the suspension and tire pressure gig all dialed in, and made adjustments for my day trip tomorrow to San Ignatio. There's a chance I'll also head down to Laguna San Ignatio to do some whale watching, so that would make for a full day. I'm looking forward to doing some riding without all the gear - a real benefit to getting a cheap room for a few nights. It's nice knowing that Senor Victor will be watching over my things while I'm away.

I took a bunch of pictures today of Iglesa Santa Barbara and the Sea of Cortez, but didn't bring them with me to the cafe. If I get a chance I'll come back and post them later. You know, I'm on Mexico time...

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